Steve Connor - another mans shoes


Another Man’s

Two men, one with nothing, one with less collide on a bridge, as one attempts to take their own life only to find their life is now on trial.


In this powerful short film, we meet Jacob a 26-year-old Millennial who on the surface has it all; dressed in expensive attire, jewellery and an image on social media that screams “Success”. Like life, things change, pressure builds, people leave and the fragility leaves Jacob wanting to prematurely end his. Only a chance encounter with Kenny a 44-year-old down and out, hardened by his upbringing and traumatic personal circumstances ‘stalks’ Jacob to a bridge where the dynamic changes dramatically and the seemingly ‘man with nothing’ now faces a man with less and a fight for survival begins with Jacob’s life on trial.


In our film we want to explore the vulnerability and unpredictability of life and the choices we make as human beings, using powerful visuals, impactfull dialogue delivered with depth, sincerity and dark humour. Through storytelling we aim to show unexpected connections which captivate, setting a tone for the film, leaving the audience to look at the delicate subject of suicide in a different light…..

The fundraising campaign not only aims to finance the film’s production but also pledges to donate a portion of the raised funds to the charities listed below. 

A big thankyou to TERCELVOICE for the use of the track “Angel” fro the album “This is our time”.

The story behind ‘Another Mans Shoes” brings together the harsh and difficult realities of mental health and particularly suicide, part of our fund raising will be donated to the charities. We chose these charities because they are close to our hearts, having personally been effected at work within the construction industry and the loss of friends, these charities provide an essential service to help anyone reaching out for help..